Mud wrestling show in downtown Budapest

Have you ever thought about what fun really means to you? Getting married is fun, but having a private mud wrestling show with your best men and buddies before the big day is the absolute definition of FUN for us. Sexy girls, music and a lap dance is the best combo we can imagine prior to getting married. What about you?

What you get

Extra services, private show, great location and everything else you might need after getting out of the pool

Free beer

When you enter the place in downtown Budapest the first thing you will get is a free beer. Summer or winter, spring or autumn, nothing can compare to a cold beer. And this one is even for free. Get the party started and enjoy the private mud show!

Central location

Being in the middle of the city, in central Budapest cannot compare to anything else. This is a location that can be reached easily, it’s very close to the party district, so you can just continue the fun night in the clubs after the show is over.

English speaking guide

We thought of everything! Our team will provide you with an English speaking guide who will take you to the secret spot where the show is being held, will translate to you and will make sure the mood is on the highest level possible.

Shower in place

No question that the groom can take a shower after the show. There is a shower that can be used by any of the team members, but especially the groom, if he gets his hands dirty… Would you like to get a towel as well? Additional items are coming soon!

Some of our performers

Our team is here to entertain you and your squad. Book the most insane dancers and surprise the groom!

The Stripper

The Dominatrix



Mud wrestling is the latest madness in Budapest! The show involves two beautiful female wrestlers getting into an arena full of mud and fight it out for your entertainment! The mud wrestling is an erotic show, not an actual fight! General security is a top priority, no one is injured during the wrestling. Interested in knowing the history of mud wrestling? Find out more about mud wrestling.

Do you want to see girls wrestling covered in mud? Mud Wrestling Budapest has you covered! With our organized games, all you need to do is give us a date and the number of spectators, we'll sort out the rest for you.


Get the stag dirty!

Do you know that our mud wrestling pool is one of the many hidden sites that are located under the streets of Budapest? If not, you should find out. You got that right! Every day of the year, the craziest stag dos can be found taking place in the basement of a hookah bar that is located underneath the bustling capital. The groom will have the time of his life as he gets muddy with the sexiest girls in a pool.

If you are getting married soon and want to make the most of the final few days of your freedom before the Big Day, then you should come here because it is the ideal location for someone in your situation. Sexy girls, beautiful bikinis, jaw-dropping figures, and dance moves that will make you want to live in Budapest can all be found here on the mud wrestling show.


Rolly Polly

It has been said that size is irrelevant... Do we agree? Never in a million years! You might want to consider booking our XXL size stripper for the event as an additional surprise for the groom. She is just as stunning as the others, but with an endearingly plump and round appearance. When it comes to us, it's all about the curves, the large thighs, and the insane dances. Where do you stand?

Rolly Polly serves as the Jolly Joker for any mud wrestling shows that we put on. She is stunningly lovely and pleasant to be around, but she is also one of the most mischievous of them all. She will unquestionably astound not just the groom but also the rest of the gang, and she will ensure that this stag do will remain in everyone's memories forever.


Because we want to ensure that your time here is as enjoyable as possible, you have the option of requesting that one of our stunning dancers wears a Dominatrix costume for you during your visit. Is it too much for you? We don’t think so! Just a bit more fun and excitement!

Our most recent addition is called the Dominatrix. Learn more about the woman who will lead the groom around by the leash, who will humiliate him, and who will instruct him on what to do while he is standing in a mud pool. The groom is obligated to obey the Dominatrix and act in a manner that is consistent with her wishes.

Every naughty boy needs to spend some time with our Dominatrix, and they should not feel guilty about it. She is the prize that all potential husbands are vying for the most. You can learn more about her by having her perform at the stag do. Surprising the groom with the most memorable moment of his life. This will be something that he will not be able to see, feel, or taste at home, so he should take advantage of the opportunity to appreciate it while on a stag do in Budapest.

What can you know about the show?

Six or forty people could come, we welcome you! For groups of eight, at least eight tickets must be purchased, while for larger groups, we provide you with a separate room. Take advantage of this exceptional offer now, for only 34 euros/person!

Book now


Stag groups

Think about it: with mud wrestling being a show full of beautiful girls fighting and getting dirty while you sip beer and enjoy the view, adding it to your ideal stag do is an obvious choice. Don't settle for the usual stag party activities, try something truly memorable with Mud Wrestling Budapest! Don't forget to mention you're organising a stag do when booking with us, we might just have some special deals for your special day!

Wolf packs

Need a place to take the boys but you're all bored of your regular pub, pool and laser tag? Try something new and exciting! Mud wrestling is not only a perfect gift to add to your stag party, but can be enjoyed regularly as an every-other-week activity with your friends! Isn't watching girls fight in a pool full of mud more fun than sitting down in front of the TV and watching yet another game of football? We think so too!

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