Why Stag Parties and Mud Wrestling go hand-in-hand!

Every stag do has a few required elements to make it truly fun: you need your friends, lots of booze, good music and some quality entertainment and no one’s going to protest if that entertainment consists of beautiful girls in revealing clothes!

Mud Wrestling Budapest is here to supply your stag party with that last and most important element: entertainment for the Stag and his boys in the form of badass female wrestlers fighting it out for your viewing pleasure in a pool of mud! Of course, you could choose the old fashioned way and settle for a strip club or private dance, but let’s be honest: mud wrestling is so much more fun!

Think about it: with mud wrestling being a show full of beautiful girls fighting and getting dirty while you sip beer and enjoy the view, adding it to your ideal stag do is an obvious choice. It is a show similar to strip clubs in a sense, except it’s not as obviously erotic and is way more exciting!

Mud wrestlers are not like strippers - they will not flaunt themselves with an air of boredom and leave when the show is finally over - they are truly fun to be around and genuinely badass, so you will leave feeling a lot more energised than if you were sitting in a dark and smoky strip club for hours!

How we make your stag do truly unique?

Since stag parties ask for mud wrestling shows regularly, we’ve come to truly understand what makes or breaks a great stag do. We will gladly share this experience with anyone looking to make mud wrestling an integral part of their stag night out! From booking the venue and wrestlers to arranging the arrival and welcome drinks of your stag party, we’ve got everything covered - please contact us and ask about the different options and prices!

Don't settle for the usual stag party activities, try something truly memorable with Mud Wrestling Budapest! Don't forget to mention you're organising a stag do when booking with us, we might just have some special deals for your special day!

Rolly Polly Mud Wrestling

They say size does not matter - but we are here to prove that otherwise!

Rolly-Polly is adding a unique flavor to the classic formula of stag do mud wrestling. Instead of skinny girl wrestlers, why not have something extra large? Because when you are at a fast food, you won’t asking for something smaller. Real men like it at it’s largest, don’t you agree? Rolly Polly Mud Wrestling is a twist on regular wrestling unlike any other - chubby girls and mud fights make an excellent pairing, be it for regular mud wrestling shows or your stag night out!

So here’s an opportunity to spice up your stag do with something unique in a "two birds - one stone" situation. First, you get to enjoy the sight of beautiful girls. Because we all know - a stag party is not a real party without a stripper, or even better, mud wrestlers! The second is make the beloved stag's night memorable! Just watch those curved beauties fight it out for you in a pool of mud and hear the boys roaring - because in matter of seconds, the view will fuel them up like hell!

Are you interested in a mud wrestling show?

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