What To Do After Mudwrestling

If you are thinking about organizing a stag do or a hen party, finding the proper kind of programs to fill your eventful weekend in Budapest can be quite a challenge. After all, you are to organize the perfect weekend for your friend in a foreign city, that is surely a challenging feat, right? Think no more, as the city offers quite a few awesome events for you and your party! Here’s a short list of awesome stuff to do!

Beer Biking tour

Beer bikes have emerged in Budapest and Europe in the last couple days as a fun and unconventional way to go sightseeing. The concept is quite simple, you pedal a huge bike with your mates, and you can also have a pint while exploring the city. How awesome is that? Do note that you need to do some proper pedaling to get ahead, but that is what the beer is for, to provide the motivation and fuel!

Escape rooms

For those rainy days, when nothing seems to go right. Luckily, the logical puzzles of escape rooms are indoor activities, so you can always keep them under your sleeves as a backup plan. Granted, it is not the drinking kind of activity, nevertheless, they are perfect for having fun and foring a greater bond among your peers! What more can you ask for?

Going on a pub crawl

Pub crawls or bar tours are a great way to map out the best joints in your new favorite city (hint, that’s Budapest!), just make sure you keep a note of which places you do visit – and watch your alcohol intake, so you will remember it! Pub crawls are a great way to meet new people, or if you are only interested about your tribe, you can always organize a private tour as well! And if you are ever in doubt, remember your towel, don’t panic. Oh and, since we are on the topic, goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

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