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mud wrestling

Mud Wrestling: what is it and why is it so much fun?

Mud wrestling refers to a physical confrontation (such as fighting, wrestling), but the main element is that as the name suggests, it takes place in mud. According to the definition mud wrestling may be fun, but why would you be interested in it? To this point, you might imagine two muscular guys fighting for their lives. 

But what about mud wrestling in Budapest? It’s waay more fun! In our pool there are only girls – or better to say hot amazons – covered by mud. Ignore everything that you have heard about this activity before, because the Hungarian version will blow your mind! It’s all about providing you with the hottest performance you’ll ever get to see.

The official mud wrestling rules states that competitors wrestle wearing only the minimum of clothing and, in most cases, without shoes until . Well, our mud wrestling shows stick to this part of the game. The girls are wearing the sexiest bikinis with jaw-dropping accessories. The main goal of the match is to entertain you and your friends – no wonder, it’s a popular stag do activity! You’ll got an ice-cold beer in your hand, your favorites guys around you and the unique view of these two wrestling goddesses.

So if you are planning a stag do for your best pal, and looking for some truly memorable surprise for him, book a mud wrestling show! The „basic” show contains two dangerously sexy female wrestling each other, but you can ask for more: just image what Dominatrix and Rolly Polly can do for you doing the show.

The adrenaline-filled 20 minutes show will fuel you up to get ready for the night ahead with the lads!