Lock n’ Load at Budapest Shooting

Whenever someone mentions Budapest the first thing that comes to mind could be a historical central European city with beautiful architecture, museums, hot springs and a warm and friendly scene of beers, bars and restaurants to choose from. Well, this is all true, but there’s a great deal more that the city has to offer in the way of action-packed entertainment that you might not otherwise have expected.

One of the more adventurous items to include on your itinerary is a trip to Budapest Shooting, where you can relive the past times of conflicts and battles of the city by learning about and using a range of firearms to the best of your ability. Thankfully it’s been a long time since Hungary was in any kind of war zone, but as both the Nazi and Soviet armies have taken over by force at different times, Budapest is no stranger to armed struggle.

After reading about some of the local history in a guide or one of Budapest’s museums, an excellent way to commemorate the troubles of the past would be by putting some of the arsenal to good use, and you can do exactly that at Budapest Shooting where the different packages on offer include the use of a range of legendary guns, from the Glock 17 handgun, to the world-famous AK-47.

If you haven’t used a gun before, don’t worry, Budapest Shooting has trained professionals on the staff who are on hand to make sure you know all you need to know about the deadly weapons, and that you use all guns in the correct fashion. Of course, all standards of health and safety are met so that you can enjoy your shooting practice in the proper way. Once you’ve finished your practice, beer is provided for you to relax and share the experience with your group.

Another hair-raising activity for those looking for an adventure in the heart of Hungary is the enormously entertaining Mud Wrestling Budapest, where you can enjoy a beer with your mates and watch two beautiful Hungarian girls wrestle it out in the ring with a good supply of sloppy filth. Who could imagine a more enjoyable spectator sport?

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