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Female mud wrestling show for stag dos

4 reasons to book a female mud wrestling show

When in search for stag activities in Budapest, female mud wrestling shows will propably pop up as a program idea. What is it and why is it the ultimate ice-breaker for the stag do? Here are 5 reasons why you definitely want to book a mud wrestling show to surprise your pal on his stag party:

You’ll get to watch hot girls wrestling in a mud pool wearing tiny bikinis, while you’ll have a cold beer in your hand. It says everything, but furthermore:

Extra services. A female mud wrestling show is insanely fun in itself, but you also can ask for extra services like Dominatrix or Rolly Polly. Just imagine the look on your pal’s face when Dominatrix comes in with a leash in her hand to lead him around the room. That’s something he will remember for the rest of his life! Check out all the services on our website!

Located in the middle of Downtown. When organizing a stag do, transportation is always crucial. You obviously don’t want to spend too much time on commuting between the location of the programs. Just walking on the streets, you wouldn’t believe what’s going on in a basement of a shisha bar. These female mud wrestling shows are held in the heart of the Party disctrict, so it’s easily accessible, and on the other hand you’ll get to the next stop of the stag do in no time after the show.

Further programs are available. Although the memories stick forever, the female mud wrestling show takes about 45 minutes, so you’ll definitely need to find other programs for the night. Choose among the programs of our partners to put together the whole stag do or even stag weekend. Budapest stag do activities are waiting for you!

Why is a female mud wrestling show the best kickoff for a stag do?

In the beginning of a stag do there are a dozen of shy, but curious guys – maybe some of them barely know anyone. So you need something to get the party going. A female mud wrestling show will definitely shake the things up and get everyone into the mood. Not to mention the hilarious memories you’ll get there together and the possibility to watch your buddy beaten up by a girl dressed as a domina. Sounds like the most epic program you’ll every have together? Don’t hesitate, book a female mud wrestling show now!