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What is mud wrestling and why is it so much fun?

Mud wrestling is officially a physical confrontation (such as fighting, wrestling, or other similar activities) that takes place in mud or a mud pit

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What To Do After Mudwrestling

If you are thinking about organizing a stag do or a hen party, finding the proper kind of programs to fill your eventful weekend in Budapest can be quite a challenge. After all, you are to organize the perfect weekend for your friend in a foreign city, that is surely a challenging feat, right? Think no more, as the city offers quite a few awesome events for you and your party! Here’s a short list of awesome stuff to do!

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Five Reasons to Try a Mud Wrestling Show

When you’re planning a trip away, maybe for a stag weekend, a fun time away with a group of friends, or even part of a longer trip through Europe in search of adventure, the items you usually include on your list are probably such things as pub crawls and parties to keep things lively and interesting. Then there’s mud wrestling.

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Lock n’ Load at Budapest Shooting

Whenever someone mentions Budapest the first thing that comes to mind could be a historical central European city with beautiful architecture, museums, hot springs and a warm and friendly scene of beers, bars and restaurants to choose from.

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